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Characters' Profile of my future anime series:  The Parallel Angels

Haftly written by, Ami Tran (my sister)

Note:  The following might proof to have some violent contents.  So chill!

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     Akina Faye

Gender:  Female

Age:  22.5

Personalities:  Mysterious, quiet, nagger, emotional, passionate, vengeful, hot-headed, unique, witty, and polite when needed.

Physical Description:  5'8, 124 lbs, dawn-like hair, spring-green eyes. (Extremely beautiful!)

Hobbies:  Gardening, reading, talking to the blinking eye-ball, (others are unknown right at the moment.)

Mission:   To avenge Tandonia; my family.  Also, to get away from Adrian Sade because he is getting on my nerves!  Jerk!  JERK!  JERK!!!  (But he's can't explain it.)

Akina's description of her role:  Basically, my role is a suspicious damsel. Damsel, yes Thien think girls are nothing more but damsel! ::sighs::  She hexed me with a damnable curse!  But if you want to know... you have to read the story.  ::smiles, then look at Eye-za::

Quote:  "Eyes of the beholder, are the eyes of truth."

Ami: Damntation, Thien is sexist!

Thien:  Wha--?  What the heck do you mean you bastard!  I'm no sex-i-ist!

Ami:  We all know you are not sexy Thien, but we are talking about what her face (Akina), not you. And what the Flickation with with the weak damsel crap?! You wanna fight don't you? ::shows fist:: whenever you are ready!

Thien:  For you information you freakation!  Akina is not a weak damsel!!!  Geeze, you would have know if you had actually read the story rather than skimming though my wonderful, beautiful.... blah, blah story, but you DIDN'T, you freakish girl!!  So who are you to make judgment on how I write?  Splurrrr! ;'P

Ami:  ::wakes up:: huh? what?  I fell asleep,  were you saying something, Thien?


     Adrian Sade

Gender:  Male

Age:  26.2

Personalities:  Loyal, dutiful, rakehell, prideful, confidence, smooth-talker, serious, and honorable.

Physical Description:  6'1, 170 lbs, dirt-blond hair, midnight-violet eyes.

Hobbies:  Slaying spying-monkey and rescue damsel in distress for money!  (Again, other interests are unknown at this moment.)

Mission:   To protect's a paid job. ( Or so you think!)

Adrian's description of his role: I'm a knight in shinning armor...  Except mine is not shinny!  (Grumble...grumble...grumble....)

Quote:  "Women, they're like vicious-venom snakes ready to strike men kind and turn us into slave-dogs.  I heed them no mind."

Ami:  And for some odd reason you fell for Akina... In the end you'll fall deeply in love with her.. and you two will live happy ever after! Oops, I just gave the whole ending out...

Thien:  Ami, as touching as it sounded... you're wrong on the whole shit-ka-bop thing!!! HA!  Splurrrr ;'p 

Ami:  For as long as I've known you.. (which is 16 damned years of my pathetic life.)  You don't like depressing endings; I'm quite sure my assumptions are correct.

Thien:  Again... my stupid, stupid little sister-- You ARE WRONG!!! HAHAHA!!!  Are you curious or something?  I think you are, but you won't admit to it!

Ami:  ::look around:: What the hell?!  Are you reading my mind? I do not give a beeping !@#$! ::grabs Thien's shirt:: JUST TELL ME THE freaking ending!!!

Thien:  ::sits in silence:: HEHEHEH... sucker!

    Lilian Ipres

Gender:  Female

Age:  16.7

Personalities:  Nice, energetic, unemotional, carefree, hyper, daring, passionate, loyal, competitive, unique, witty, and sort of a nagger.

Physical Description:  5'7, 118 lbs, blue hair, envy-green eyes.

Hobbies:  Singing, running, biking, giving advice, debating, and hanging out.

Mission:  To save your so called poor-lost-pathetic-little soul, and of course everyone else...  (It's my job!!!  Boring as it is right now... waiting to get on TV.)

Lily's description of her role:  In Thien's anime, I am proud to say that she creates me as one of the main character.  I'm also a heiress-in-training to the throne of the Land of Lost Souls.  I represent the nice-fun-hyper half of Thien and more...

Quote:  "He have my trust, devotion, and my very soul, but why does he want those three little words out loud?"  (I <3 U)

Ami's answer:  Guys are like hmm...???  Donkeys!   (Jack in the box, that the best way I could explain it.)  They want what they can't get, and have what they don't want.. So slap that fella silly!!!

Thien:  Whatever AMI!  Stop making fun of my quote, don't you have better things to do????  Huh??  Guess not...

 Eva Devlin

Gender:  Female

Age:  16.7

Personality:  Fearful, energetic, carefree, hyper, prideful, emotional, competitive, trendy, confidence, daring, witty, playful, and also a nagger.

Physical Description:  5'7, 118 lbs, blond with red hair tips, sea-blue eyes.

Hobbies:  Singing, running, ice skating, giving bad advice, debating, killing, and partying.

Mission:  Beat Lily, beat Lily, beat you .. beat you up again.. beat the world.. be filthy rich... anything that make you depress and beyond help!

Eva's description of her role:  Like the Ms. Lily-goody-two-shoes up there, I'm also a main character, but unlike Lily, I'm the "Evil-Thien".  I play the part of a bad-devil-girl from a small clan in hell... 

Quote:  "I've might have lost to you big time, but only a fool like you  think the game is over."        

Ami's reply:  ARE you talking about ME, Fool? (waiting for an answer..)

Thien:  (5 days later...)  You are so stupid Ami, are you still staring at this screen?!!!  They're my characters you know?  You're too low of a being to talk to them like that!! splurrrrrrr!!! ;p

Ami: I'm having a staring contest... leave me alone, botch..


  Alexander Michso

Gender:  Male

Age:  17.8

Personality:  Rakehell, creative, prideful, funny, carefree, dreamer, confidence, smooth-talker, serious.

Physical Description:  6'0, 167 lbs, dirt-blond hair, midnight-violet eyes.

Hobbies:  Playing soccer, partying, hanging out, flirting with girls, and being in charge.

Mission:  I come after what I want, and how I wanted it to be. 

Alex's comment of his role:  My role are pretty simple, I played as a rouge-can't-get-enough teenager.  I just love the way Thien creates me, like I'm number one heartbreaker, even though Thien did break my heart before she casts me in this anime!  HAHAH... kidding.

Quote: "I'm Hot & Spicy, just like chicken wings!  I play while I'm still young, and love when I don't have any other choice.  :::chuckle::: Only foolish women would think I would fall so easily."

Ami's answer:  Do you mean you play with little girls?  Or the big one?  Because I'm sure I don't think you can get any of those...

Thien:  Again Ami, shut you yappy little mouth, I think you're delirious, you need help!


 Pearl Michso   

Gender:  Female

Age:  16.5

Personality:  Mature, unemotional, clever, sporty, devoted, loyal, respectful (elders only), tough, serious.

Physical Description:  5'6, 110 lbs, rubbish-purple hair, midnight-violet eyes.

Hobbies:  Swimming, rollerblading, reading, and art designing.

Mission:  To get away from her so-called-mysterious friends, before she is in too deep of trouble.

Quote:  "I don't want to be like you, so stop being so gay (happy), you're shining your happiness into my eyes...  That's it, I'm going to buy a pair of fool-proof sunglasses!!!"

Ami's answer:  Not to be foolishly mean... I THINK YOUR EYES ARE TOO BIG FOR THE DAMNED GLASSES! 

Thien:  Ami, SIT THE HECK DOWN!!!  I also think your mouth is too big for your own good...

Ami:  ::::wordless::: :::calmly sat down again.. and kept my mouth shut... for a second::: WHAT THE HELL AM I doing?


       Savory Carr

Gender:  Male

Age:  17.7

Personality:  Boyish, cheerful, loving, passionate, playful, friendly, silent-talker, poetic, flirt.

Physical Description:  6'0, 165 lbs, reddish-brown hair, jade eyes and always found with a green cap.

Hobbies:  Going to the Funk Pub, hangouts. Basketball, soccer, Board skater, and play system games.

Mission:  Currently undefined...(but stay tuned!)

Quote:  "I'll never forces you to like me, you'll just do that on your own."

Ami reply:   He's a hottie, but what with the shirt?  It's wack!

Thien:  Chill out you child-woman!  The shirt is not "wack," it's just a design!  Can a person wear a shirt  in peace for a while?  Get a life, he's trying to look hot!



Vianna Lacure    

Gender:  Female

Age:  17.8

Personality:  Childish, innocent, picky, cheerful, devoted, brainy, emotional, fidgety, loyal, funny.

Physical Description:  5'9, 120 lbs, bright-summer-green hair, sky-blue eyes.

Hobbies:  Drawing, playing volleyball, studying, swimming, eating, watching television, and playing with her violin.

Mission:  Being cute and innocent throughout the anime with a huge mess!  Also, to cheer everyone around me with funny-innocent joke/words, so if you need any, let me know...

Quote:  "For every tear drop that have fallen, a sin was created...  So what if  I yawn all day?  Have I sinned then?"

Ami's answer:  Well hon.. That is call the Sin of wasting your lame-O day of doing nothing but sit and yawn.... hymph!"

Thien:  Hey, chill out you skinny-good-for-nothing-woman!  This character suppose to be childish, have some sympathy!

Ami:  Uh huh!

Thien:  Oh shut up, shut up, and SHUT IT ALL UP YOUR... (censored)!


  Tristan Darley

Gender:  Male

Age:  18.7

Personality:  Cold-hearted, reckless by anger, serious, steely, mannerly, silent, tough, smooth-talker, confidence, mysterious.

Physical Description:  6'1, 178 lbs, fire-reddish-orange hair, midnight-stormy blue eyes.

Hobbies:  Unknown...  (I don't think you want to know, but if you do, stay tuned)

Mission:  Assassinate ordered victims and their loved ones, taking lives of warriors that are weak to me....

Quote:   "All those who stand in my way of assassinating people shall be slaughtered and those who stand in the way of the dark angel shall be vanquished to hell."

Ami's reply:  But at least I would be happy before I die..  ::sighs deeply::

Thien:  What the hell Ami?  Aren't you stalk enough guys already?  Now you're stalking my characters too?  I wonder... do you have a life?!!!

Ami:  Yes, but a very unhappy one...


 Lanius (LN: Unknown)  

Gender:  Female

Age:  25.1

Personality:  Pure-evil, acts nice, acts respectful, heartless & soulless, full of deep hatred and enviness.

Physical Description:  5'9, 123 lbs, light-pinkish-purple hair, silver-blue eyes.

Hobbies:  Unknown...

Mission:  In return of working with the "dark-forces", Lana will inherit the throne to the Land of Lost Souls.  All will be hers if she eliminates the ruler and the successor (Lily).

Quote:  "Why should I stop when I'm ahead of my own game?  The one who had created that line should be the one that need to be stopped, and slaughtered before s/he finishes that damn sentence!!!"

Ami's reply:  ::: screaming at the computer:::  Cause Woman, you are likely to fail!  Leaving with Pride or money is cool too coolly Yoyos .::flashback::  oh, I remember where I saw you before... you looked like that woman on "The Wheel of  Fortune!"

Thien:  Uh huh, Ami, so far all you have done here today are craps!  Look at what you made us both do!  So much for characters interview you smutch!  You have taking all their spots... What does your Psycho-pathetic mind will crap up next???

Ami:  O-tay , I pretty much have enough of you, stop yapping and hush up, you womanly you..  I mean you Manly son of a GUNNER!!! 

Thien:  Righttttttttt.... Bite MOI In The NECK!  And if you start to saying anything stupid now... I'll eat your GODLEY COW!!  MOIHAHAHAHAHA (evil BBQ-fried-BEEF laugh)... COUGH!   :::choking::::

Ami:  Poor cow...  Now this webpage must end... Time to say good-bye to Me and My characters..  Good-bye, Good-bye..  Come on, help me sing the song!!  You know it.. It goes.. Good-bye, Good-bye and click on the next page to read more about My weird way of writing and singing... Good-bye and I hope you see you again.. .Cause I sure don't want to see your face again!

 ~* Ami and her Characters had just been cancelled *~

Thien:  HEYYYYY!!! What do you mean.... "Your characters?" and... and... "Can...nn...cle-ed???"  You have no RIGHT whatsoever you Pathetic-JACKO-LANTERN!!!

System fail... System failed... This system will shut down in 5 seconds... 1...2...3...4....

Thien: What the hella?


Computer: Goo-Good-bye!  :::system dies out...:::

(Thien is now in the after net-life..)

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