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Hello Everyone Introduction

Hello Everyone!

            My name is Thien Tran, welcome to my website!  Through this website, I filled it out with my personal information, talents, and ideas through many difference mediums. Well, mostly they all came from pigments of my imagination to entertain you.  Please feel free to e-mail me at and tell me about your opinions.  Thank you and Enjoy!

            ***One more minor detail, most of the webpages on this site might take a while to complete the load.  So therefore, I apologize and be patient.




            As you browse through this webpage, you will notice that some of the arts such as backgrounds, and midis on some of the pages look very well done.  That's just to tell you that they are not mine, I might have altered them to work with my page, but I did not create them.  Other than that, I own everything else, like my drawings, fanarts, comics, and stories, layouts, and  the big gif files, etc..