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    O-Tay!  For all of you out there who doesn't know me very well, this page are all about my ambitions and hopes.  Some might be funny to you, but there are also things about me that are extremely serious!!!  I meant it too!  So don't you even think to tell anyone else about this, you hear me?!!! (That's not a simple threat, it's a major "GumBO" threat if you ever forces me to do the...the extreme!)  Get it, get it good!  Well, that's all...  ENJOY!

My Caution to YOU:

    The following contents may be somewhat be too extreme for an ambitionless mind... so prepare to be shocked!!! Sort of...   



My Ultimate Goals



   Quote:  Dream, dream, dream, dream my life away with...  (that's a secret you know!  You have to go to my "Secret Page" to know. ;P)

1)  To be surrounded by friends and families rather than enemies.  (Duh!)

2)  Get moi, myself and I out of St. Cloud as soon as possible.  (Really, that's impossible to do right now.)

3)  Travel aboard, the entire world even.  (That's a money matter isn't it?)

4)  To own up to 27.9 million dollars.  (Yep, the exact number too!  If I ever own more than that amount, I will donate it.)

5)  Be a famous clothes designer, or a creator of my own anime.  (Famous may not be the case, but the career is definitely it.)

6)  I will never marry anyone for money!  (I'm no gold-digger yo!)

7)  I'll marry for fun-loving of it.  Well, let's see, that would last about a month?  (There is always a possibility that I would fallen in love with him...  :::doubt it:::)

8)  Never to be anyone's burden.  (Only to the one I want to.)

9)  To live as I pleased!  (Yep, yepperoo!)

10)  Eat all sort of yummy-tummy foods around the world.  (That might take a while, like 10 life times maybe?)

11)  To try and taste all sort of meats, excluding human!  (I'm a Carnivore!  All those yummy-cute animal... moihahahah!!!  YUM!)

12)  I don't want any damned kids, my sisters are enough to last me a hundred life times!  (If I ever wanted any, I'll adopt one, the one that's old enough to feed itself fat!  HAHA.)

13)  Buy a gigantic mansion in a tropical place,  with a 100 acres backyard fill with all sort of tropical fruits trees.  (I can see myself in the future...  Picking and eating fruits for the rest of my happy retirement.)

14)  To try and ruin world economic, all by creating an instant traveling remote.  Sell it for a cheap price and in multi colors and styles.  I shall ruined the world economic by then, because there will be no more cars, airplanes, boats, trains, rocket ships, ect, they will no longer be needed.  Oh yeah, I shall take away some of the world pain, because there will be no accidents by cars or plane, including the pain of reading boring driving manuals to pass the driving test.  Oooo, and you can drink and use the instant remote all you want!!! 

    But there's always a down side to my future creation, people will take advantages of it and uses it to hurts people (EVILLLL!!!).  Instant traveling remote can take them wherever they please, most of the time, that a good thing, but they can also be extremely hazardous!!!  For example, if you don't like someone, and you don't want to see them again, with the instant traveling remote, they can automatically appears with their annoying face right in front of you!!!  Isn't that obnoxious?  And I have to watch better of my old self, or else I would be hunt down by those car's companies or the... others!  Well, not like I'm going to succeed by building a instant traveling remote any time soon, but it's just one of my so-called AMBITION, so don't worry, that won't come true... yet!

15)  This time I'll build an Animation machine, so I won't ruin anyone's economic.  With the Animation machine, I could visit their worlds and do anything that pleases me, plus, it also include an magical shield to protect me from the animation-evil-bad-guys...  That would be so sweet!!!  Why bother live in the real world when you have the world you fantasies about?  Oh yeah, did I mention cute-anime guys, huh huh? heheheh!  :::I just can't wait!:::       

16)  Pay some smart-ass to create an instant cure for cold viruses.  In that way, I don't have to live another sad, sick day next to the tissue box.  (I hate cold viruses, why won't they go to hell?  :::cough cough:::)

17)  Try to pass my Senior year at high school without stress to kill me with, so far... it's not working...  I'm barely passing Physic.   (Hint:  Don't ever take that class!  It's pure hell... or reality!!!)  (Ambition completed!  Yay I have finally finished the prison the so called "High School"!  HAHAHHA!  And I passed my Physic class with a C+!)

18)  To finally get a damned driving license!  (If my dad aren't so lazy to teaches me how to drive that damned car!) ;'(  (Ambition completed!  Yay, I've passed after like four times!)

19)  To have a successful college experience for the next 4 years.  Oh yeah, this is my new prison by the way, like the one from High School, except it's bigger and you can eat in class.

20)  To pass my portfolio review and interview into my major which is Graphic Design.  (Ambition completed, I've pass with flying colors...  I think.)

21)  .......:::blank:::........ (I'm not fully 21 years-old yet, so I'll fill this out in Nov. 2005.  To be continues somewhere in space!)




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