Abraham’s Well


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Based on the novel by Sharon Foster  



I love doing worthy historical projects.  This is one.

I have Cherokee blood running through my veins, and I appreciated the ability to know more of my heritage, to literally walk the trail with them through this story, to understand. Slavery also.  As she reminds us, this is our story too, both of slavery and of the Cherokee nation.  I think it’s a worthy story and I love the opportunity to share the tales of my ancestors- particularly if they are hopeful, as this is, considering it is by a Christian fiction author.


Plot Summary

Armentia, a Cherokee ‘slave’ grows up in Native Cherokee lands, learning the ways of the Cherokee.  She is half African by blood, but sees herself primarily as Cherokee, and though she and her family are slaves. They are not treated differently than the full blood tribe members.

Her family and life are ripped apart when the government forces them off the lands. Armentia walks the trail of tears where she watches her childhood love die, along with many others, young and old.

At age 9 she is sold as a slave to a white family where she is raped; sold as a child bearer. She is eventually released, finds love and lets it slip away.  When as an adult she finds her way to the new Cherokee lands, she is denied property as she is not full Cherokee. She finds a home no where, until the descents of the child stolen from her come and find her.  Now she has her own home with a blood family she always longed for.




May 2010

Read the novel, envisioned it as a screenplay, however, I was in the process of editing 1839 Wylie Ave and had already saved African Skies to adapt. So I returned the book to the library and I hope to return to it at a later time. As well as the first draft for "One Prayer Away"








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