Women 1844

In December of 1844 five women were praying, one was Ellen G. White
"The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng;"
(*Psalm 68:11, NIV)

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Letter 1
January 2013
Bio Clip - Mother Veronica
Reflection - The Order of Creation
Addendum - Rules of Seniority
Poem - Righteous by Faith
Testimony - My Conversion
Letter 2
February 2013
Bio Clip 2 - Morayma
Reflection - Justice Love Mercy
Addendum - Holy and Most Holy
Poem - The Bridal Promise
Melody a cappella - The Bridal Promise
Image - Justice and Mercy
Letter 3
March 2013
Bio Clip 3 - The Meeting
Reflection - Daniel 2: The Sequel
Addendum - Foundation, Cornerstone, Keystone
Poem - Stones and Sand
Melody a cappella - Stones and Sand
Letter 4
April 2013
Bio Clip 4 - My Sister Maria
Reflection - Patterns of Three
Addendum - Women and Water
Addendum - Update on Maria
Poem - Allegory to The Flood
Poem - Allegory to The Rainbow
Video: Maria's Testimony
Happy Mother's Day!
Letter 5
May 2013
Bio Clip 5 - My Mother
Reflection - Let's Do The Math
Poem - God's Gift

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Mom Song: Song For Mama.
Happy Father's Day!
Letter 6
June 2013
Bio Clip 6 - My Father
Reflection - The Lost Coin
Addendum - Women and The Judgment
Poem - I Miss You Father

Photo of my father - Gregorio Pérez
Melody a cappella - I Miss You Father

Dad Songs: I've Been Watching You;
I Want to Be Just Like You.
Letter 7
July 2013
Bio Clip 7 - I Wanted to Preach
Reflection - Rebellious Women?
Addendum - One Man One Woman
Postscript - Back to Eden
Poem - Godspeed
Quote - Early Writings, pp. 54-56
Sermon: God Fulfills His Promises
August 2013
SDA Women
Women In Corinth
Women In History
September 2013
Her Name Was Adam
The Outlaws
January 2014
The Mystery of Iniquity

"The Missing Chapter from The Great Controversy," translated by Teresita Pérez
"TONGUES Dissecting the Gift," written by Teresita Pérez

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* Psalm 68:11: "The Lord gave the command; The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host:" (New American Standard Bible); "The Lord shall give a word; to them that preach the gospel with much virtue. (The Lord gave the word; and many women preached his good news.)" (Wycliffe Bible); "The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it." (KJV); "The Lord gives the word [of power]; the women who bear and publish [the news] are a great host." (Amplified Bible) And in the Spanish Bible, Reina-Valera version, published in 1569, it reads: "El Señor daba su palabra: De las evangelizantes había grande ejército." The word "las" is in the feminine. This verse refers to women evangelists. It's English equivalent is "The Lord gave his word: of the women evangelists there was a great army." That quote is not from a modern version. Also, the Orthodox Jewish Bible reads: "Adonoi gave the word; rav (great) was the tzava (company, army) of the mevaserot (heralds, those that published it, the lady evangelists)."

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