TONGUES Dissecting the Gift
Written by Teresita Pérez

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TONGUES Dissecting the Gift

Pastoral Comments

"TONGUES Dissecting the Gift gives us an excellent picture of the work of the Holy Spirit. It analyzes in a succinct format the whole scope of the Bible regarding the subject of tongues, with special emphasis in the Holy Spirit." Pr. Leo S. Ranzolin, retired Vice-President, General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.

"I have read the writings on the gift of tongues by Teresita Perez and judge them to be valuable, lean firmly on the Holy Scriptures, and I recommend them for the benefit of our ministers. The investigation Miss Perez commenced merits our recognition and heartfelt support." Salim Japas, D. Min. (1921-1992), late Pastor, Inter-American Division of Seventh-Day Adventists.

"I had great pleasure and a pleasant surprise upon listening to our sister, Teresita Perez, presenting in a lucid manner the truth about the gift of tongues manifested in the church at Corinth and its relation with what is presently seen in nominal Christian churches. The explanations of sister Teresita adjusts to my own understanding of the gift of tongues." Pr. Fernando Paulin, Florida Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.

Table of Contents

1. Tower of Babel [Click this chapter to read it now]
2. Pentecost
3. Cornelius, a Gentile
4. Ephesus
5. Corinth
6. Dissecting the Gift [Click this chapter to read it now]
7. Corinth Repents
8. Words Good and True
9. Interpretation
10. Miracles
11. Prove Those In Ministry
12. Casting Out Demons
13. Love and Tongues
14. Women at Corinth [Click this chapter to read it now]
15. The Latter Rain
Poem: Righteous By Faith

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Copyright: 2004
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