The Missing Chapter from The Great Controversy
Translated by Teresita Pérez

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The Missing Chapter from The Great Controversy

About this book

At age 20, I was loaned the book The Great Controversy in Spanish. Chapter 13 made a great impact in me. Sometime after that I learned that that chapter was not part of the English original. It was included in the Spanish translation with the approval of Ellen G. White. Hence The Great Controversy in English has 42 chapters and in Spanish it has 43. The extra chapter in the Spanish work is chapter 13. It is my prayer, as you read this translation that, as expressed in tracts from the Reformation, faith elevates you to God, and love causes you to reach down to humanity, while still abiding always with God.

Historical background

The original writing of this work is the result of the research by Clarence C. Crisler, secretary to Ellen G. White, and Harry Harvey Hall, manager of the Book Department at Pacific Press. Their work was presented to Mrs. White for approval and translated into Spanish by Pr. Eduardo Forga from Peru. The work of brothers Crisler and Hall that, with Mrs. White's permission, became part of The Great Controversy in Spanish, is titled El Despertar de España (The Awakening of Spain). Unfortunately, the English original of their work has since been lost. This background was told to me by Timothy Poirier, Vice-Director of the Ellen G. White Estate, just prior to my translating and publishing this work.

Emails from the General Conference

Jan. 2, 2013
Dear Mrs. Perez:
Thank you kindly for sending us a copy of The Missing Chapter.  It now has a place in our research library where it will be utilized by visitors.
Benjamin Baker, PhD
Assistant Archivist
Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

  Feb. 25, 2013
Dear Sister Perez:
Thank you for the booklet The Missing Chapter from The Great Controversy. I read it with interest and it is now in our library.  Keep up the good work and the Lord bless you.
With kind regards and best wishes,
Gerhard Pfandl, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Biblical Research Institute
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Table of Contents
   Map of Eastern Europe
   General Information
    "The Awakening of Spain" [Click to read Excerpts now]
       by Crisler and Hall
   Poem: For I Have Sinned

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ISBN: 1572582642 ~~ Copyright: 2004 ~~ Price: $8.95 (US) ~~ Binding: Paper Back ~~ Pages: 54


In 2004 I was driving to work heading east (in Miami), when suddenly I saw a ball of radiant, white light flying through the sky, coming from the north-east, and heading straight towards me. It came through the windshield of my car and entered my head at a point right above my left brow. That light spoke to me in the form of a thought, and the authority of an order. This it was it said: "Translate into English the extra chapter from The Great Controversy and publish it." Thereafter I called the Ellen G. White Estate to learn how it was that there was an extra chapter in the Spanish version. After learning about its background and that the English original was lost, Timothy Poirier, Vice-Director, also told me that they had been talking about translating it back into English because over the years people occasionally called asking for it. I told him I was going to translate it. He asked me for a copy, and after it was published I sent it to him.

Until now I have refrained from telling this experience because people would think it weird. But I can no longer keep this to myself. It is what it is.

One detail always stood out for me: the ball of light was coming from the north-east. So I looked at a map of the United States and noticed that the Ellen G. White Estate headquarters is directly north-east of Miami. I always wonder if, while they were considering or commenting on a translation to be made, whether it was at that moment that God determined that He wanted me to do it.

One thing I do regret: the title of this translation bears the word "missing" instead of "extra." To be accurate, there is no chapter written by Ellen G. White which is missing from her original book. Rather, the chapter is an extra chapter in the Spanish translation. When the printed books of this first edition become exhausted, which I hope happens soon, the title will be edited to "The Extra Chapter from The Great Controversy."

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