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Sunday, 13 February 2005

your all lazy, fat and stupid...
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: bullshit
I used to work in the grubby back end of a fast food joint, and it was the worse time of my life, it made me realize how fucking stupid, lazy and fat people are... By ordering 10 double cheeseburgers does that make you thin? no, then stop fucking doing it... the kitchen wasn't even clean for fuck sake!
We will never know why people have a fasination of fast food, is it because its quick and easy? no, its because your all lazy. I never thought about this before but, cant you stop being lazy and cook your own damn food. I understand you had a bad day at work, sitting on your ass typing and all, but cant you people just cook your own damn food, its a pain in the ass to cook someone else's food because you need to pay off a collage loan because mommy and daddy could'nt afford to send to to collage. Which is another thing, sure i worked in the fast food industry, but that was when i was 16, and now it seems odd that 24 year olds work in the kitchen making minimum wage because they cant find a job, well, i guess someone didn't graduate.
-i graduated... and now im moderatly rich!-

Posted by The biggest at 05:46
Updated: Sunday, 13 February 2005 05:47
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Saturday, 12 February 2005

damn politics
Mood:  hungry
Topic: bullshit
Government and law, the two things wrong with our society, both are corrupt and both piss me the hell off. but on the other hand they keep our world safe, which is a total fucking lie, do they keep murder from happening, no, do they keep rapists behind bars for more than 14 years, no... and hell you dont blame them, they have power, and we citizens who pay there bullshit salery dont even have a say what really goes on. It occurs to me that humans are all idiots to let such people run a crappy system, so are we to blame? hell no, blame george bush, thats right from now on any problems with the world should be blame on Mr. bush because he's an idiot and everyone hates him. But still, it doesnt matter whose in charge, i still hate the government, of course we cant have equality in our world, so we have the government, i wouldn't let someone run my country unless i knew what the hell was going on, but we dont know what's going on because politicians are idiots and cant do shit to help our world. Like i was saying before, we dont have eqaulity, which is a big thing with me, i believe that all citizens should be treated equaly, but we cant have that because we have so many bloody diverse races, religions and people, so conflicts occur with that theory, this might solve every problem in the world but it still doesnt fix the fact that people are stupid and dumb and should all die, but thats just my opionion and my opinion doesnt matter because im a citizen who makes less than those big company owners, but they did work to get their money right? wrong, mommy and daddy funded them so they could start the big company off, or their parents died and it was handed down to them. Stupid people... stupid government funding people. Another problem is welfare, as much as i just love seeing people use my tax money to live, i still think that those people should be living in a god damn ditch, let them support them selves because their lazy, and should get a god damn job. Im sick and tired of people living for free for doing dick all, and what do they buy with our tax money, drugs and booze, well not that im complaining about them buying booze, but drugs? come on people support your habits with your own money.

solution to crappy government: Communism... hey it works, when ran right, lets convert, its theory is Equality, yet everyone is poor, which is ok because im poor to begin with...

the law is another thing wrong with our world, it causes more problems then fixes them, lets see we have harsh sentances for people who rob people, and we have shitty sentances for rapists, which is retarded, we should just lock up anyone who does anything bad. for the most part, i just hate canada, and americas way of running things... and to think, we let a prime minister with a speech impedament in charge of the country (canada).

-i hate politics-

Posted by The biggest at 00:01
Updated: Sunday, 13 February 2005 17:40
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Friday, 11 February 2005

Stupid teenagers
Now Playing: bullshit
Topic: my thoughts
The problem with this world is that there are too many fucking teenagers, these stupid idiots that run around thinking there hip because they bought the latest trendy music, clothing and other garbage that they wouldn't need to survive. I grew up in a shitty family, my parents were poor and i hate that everyone made fun of me, but thats besides the point. When i was in high school, wearing ripped pants was considered "uncool", and hell i wore ripped pants, because i couldn't afford new ones... so now why are people buying pre-ripped pants? because their fucking stupid. Slap a label on anything that's popular and any teen will buy it. If you ask me advertiseing has gone too far, we brain wash people into buying shit they dont need, which makes me pissed even more because the things i "needed" i couldn't even afford. Mommy and daddy seem to pay these idiots money for doing absolutly dick fuck all, my advice, get a good job or i hope to see you bagging my fucking groceries. yup, teenagers are stupid, there not quite adults, but not quite kids, their just plain fucking retards (wasn't i considered a "teen" at one time, nah, i didn't fit in.)
-i hate you-

Posted by The biggest at 00:01
Updated: Saturday, 12 February 2005 04:50
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