this is the part of the page when i tell you moron's why i made this page, and why it looks like this.

i made this page because i wish to express my anger, with out being arrested or being told im stupid or crazy... The page was ment to provide people with useless information that acually makes sense. People piss me off as you know... most of you wankers probably piss me off... but im not really going to do anything about it but rant on about how i hate you... which in turn is amusing because im really fucked up when i write. No im not retarded, or stupid... i happen to be very good at some things. I love music (not the crappy comercialized shit) mostly heavy metal and such, and i play guitar and sing in a band (which im not giving out), im also big into computers... but am not a nerd because i dont sit here all fucking day playing games. Im the moron makign your games, dont give me lip. either than that this site is normally to express my views without the government hightailing my ass. The page design is crappy and boreing for a reason... i hate nice looking sites because they hurt your eyes with their flashy colors and what not. I also hate spending time on the layout because i can sometimes be lazy. The pictures are purposely done crappy to make you laugh... no im not a 10 year old im probably older than most of you wankers that come here... if not than i hate you. I feel it is neccesary to express ones views... even with bad grammer and spelling. either than that... thats all about me this page has ads for a reason, because i cant afford to host it anywhere else, excuse that, but otherwise enjoy my on going ranting about crap. I will create an account for fan mail/ hate mail (probably more hate mail than fan) thanks.