Director M. Night Shyamalan is a fucking moron, i hated all of his movies, they always had a point of family involved. I went to the village movie hoping that it would be a decent thriller, but i came out of the theater vomiting in disgust... The movie is suposedly set in 1897, in a small village of 60 or some odd dickheads that cant act worth a shit, that are basicly stuck in this village because of a race of weird ass poorly designed creatures that are haunting the villagers. The movie featured horrible, horrible acting even worse than those old cheesey horror movies, but hell those movies were actually good. I have to give M. Night Shyamalan some credit though, he did include a retarded character who is played by Adrien Brody (who somehow did a good job at playing a retard) appearently this guy (roy i think i wasnt paying attention, my popcorn was too salty) was this way because he had been beyond the village outskirts, but nah, i think he was just a retard, either that or dropped as a kid. The movie just had to have the most original character for the ending, the girl is blind for fucks sake, great for the ending, hell i wish she wasnt blind so she could go crazy... The film is basicly also a cheesy romance, and the blind chicks husband dies so its worth seeing it just to see that prick get stabbed (he told off a pretty decent looking chick at the begining, whos name is kitty, how original) not only was this asshole a prick, but i though he was gay with the retard throughout half the movie. it doesnt end there though, how spooky, the creatures arnt even real, they are costumes made out of dead pigskin, and shit. Not only that the blind chicks dad tells her that the creatures arnt real so she could go out into the woods to another town to get medicine to heal her gay husband, but along the way, she finds that the creatures are really real! not, its just that retard out to get revenge on her because she slapped him around after he stabbed the blind chicks husband, pretty confusing eh? no! the ending is quite disapointing like a "i knew that was going to happen" disapointing. the blind chick climbs over a fence and stumbles upon a very antisocial recreational park security gard, and he is driving a land rover, umm i didnt know that in the 1800's land rovers exsisted, apearently the blind girl is the park owners daughter, and ya, its fucked up, anyways because the dumb bitch is blind she cant see what the world is really like and she doesnt realize that she is part of a stupid expierment that is incredibly retarded and useless, thats it the movie ends with her returning with the medicine, unfortunatly her gay ass husband is revived, and the dork lives, i hope they make another movie with the characters dieing from tank fire, luckly my friend works at the theater so i got to see this movie for free, it isnt even worth it to see it for free, Did i mention it wasnt scary, add this one to your "crap" list, or your burn list. thanks M. Night for wasting 2 hours of my useless life... fuck you
and oh ya i forgot

This article contains many spoilers

dont say i didnt warn you
-the village sucks-