taking lives is fun

ok so normally i dont review good movies but this one was really good, the movie is taking lives... and its one hell of a movie.. The movie begins with a kid that recently ran away from home and he happens to find a "friend", but on their way on the bus, the bus decides to break down and the two decide to rent a car, along the way the tire on the car bursts, these two dont have good luck at all, but while the one kid is changing the tire, the other kid says a cool one liner, "hey man, were about the same height" which means something later on in the movie, then he kicks the kid in front of an oncoming van, and his head goes through the window, then the van does some sweet flip in the air after rolling over, and you see quite a happly burnt body inside the van after it blows up, highly unrealistic but really fucking sweet. but ya i say screw the storyline, instead of revealing the rest of the plot i will let you go to see it...

the many things that make a movie... and this movie had:

1. car crashes

2. dead people

3. killing

4. car chashes

5. shooting

6. cool plot twists

7. confusing parts that only i got

8. BOOBS!!!

9. better yet angelina jolie's tits... and a sweet sex scene with her almost fully naked.

overall its a movie worth seeing and it also gives your brain a good workout because of the insane plot twist, one problem though, i though that a few of the scenes needed a bit more blood and they should have showed the killer killing the first 13 victems!!! but either than that its a sweet movie go see it now... i command you