I finally found something to complain about, all summer i was fine, no worries, work was injoyable... no stupid immature teens running around on the buses, and trains in the city (only at night). Now that the little buggers are on off their vacation its like they have gotten even worse. Every god damn teenager (im not stereotyping this is what i fucking notice) has to have some kid of fucking "trend" going on, and to make matters worse, i dont look my age, i look 17 when im really 22!! so i get asked "what class do you have first" while trieing to ignore the little shits... "I DONT HAVE CLASS... IM NOT WEARING A SUIT AND TIE FOR NOTHING YOU FUCKING IDIOT" not only that, once they find im older then them they either A. dont believe me, or B. ask me to buy them smokes or if i have a smoke. Is it a trend to kill yourself with tobacco and booze? well, arnt we a fucking smart generation arn't we. "im and i drink, and smoke, and dont even know what life is like after high school" and im sure your so stressed out from school, what do you have to deal with, HIV, AIDS... homework, not making the football team, forgeting your lunch at home. I worked in construction for a year after high school to save up for college. and i tell you that was fucking hard work, i had to get up early every day, and due to a shortage of workers i seldom got a day off, THATS STRESS.... stress is not having homework to do, or getting picked on, if your getting picked on, defend your self, shed some blood, fucking kids complain to much. Im even starting to notice a lot of 18 year olds being stupid and immature, i was never like that.... and most of my friends werent like that