nukeing things would be very interesting, why, because i said so... it would be funny if america tryed to nuke iraq, but there missiles missed and hit an allied country, that would be funny because nuking other countries would cause a war between many countries, which in total would make a lot of dead people, which would mean all you morons i hate would be dead.... woo. If i had a nuke, i would nuke the world... and the whales, man do i hate whales... along with many other animals, wouldnt it be funny if all the endangered speices started a war with us... i would laugh.. i think bush is secretly planning a nuclear war... WOOOHOOO!!! no more morons for me to deal with. that means i can roam free without any problems. the world is at its point, it cant support anymore.

death the wales.. stupid bastards, what good are they, tell me you god damn animal activists... what has a whale ever done for you, i say we nuke the fucking twats... then sell their fat to stupid people for large amounts of money.

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