i hate when im bored, theres nothing to do and you end up sitting there thinking of shit to write, which im trying to do right now, pulling useless shit outta your ass isnt easy you know, it just doesnt come to you, you have to have an idea, and then try to prove it and back it up, then swear a little, fuck this fuck that, there ya go, this is insane, welcome to the rant that goes off to differnt subjects, i like pie, this is bullshit, dont you hate it when you cant get something to work, bloody hell, hope your having fun reading this shit, isnt it fun, no, well your gay then you bastard.... morons, i feel like going home and sleeping, but nah, gotta sit on my ass work out shit that i already know, damn it, 12 years of learning the same shit over and over, how to solve problems think about it, yup thats all you do in school is solve a problem, heres a problem to solve, my foot up your ass, how do you get that outta there, you sick fucks.... gaa, this is going on forever, oh well, and another thing, your all morons for reading this waste of bloody time,... anyways off to work... again.

-wasting time since 8:00 this morning.

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