i really hate celeberties, they really piss me off. They are over paid... and keep whineing about how much money they make, come on you bloody wankers... some people cant even afford a decent breakfast, yet your complaining about your milk having toast crums in it. Most celeberties without working out, would be huge slabs of blubber waiting to be picked up, because all they do is, well nothing sure they have fans but why like someone who is more famous and rich than you. I really love how most of these bastards can get away with almost anything, they seem to lie cheat and steal there way through their life. And what do they get, a god damn award... i would have an awards show that condem these dickholes to hell for all eternity... and what about going through wifes so much, stay with one whore you losers... your not cool if you keep marrying and then divorcing, it makes you look like a fucking hooker.. at last something we need more of hookers. i bid you goodday you worthless piles of dog shit.

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