i really hate forums, for those who are either too dumb to know what im talking about, or just really high... Forums are those stupid chat like message boards, in which you go to get support (help) or to talk to other losers with no life, i admit i have signed up for a few forums (only 3) but only for help, oh and one to make fun of some dumbass cause he sucks his daddys dick (you know who you are). Forums are made to provide people who cant get certain things with there games to work, but have evolved over the years to become a cheap way to chat, but it comes with a few misguided problems... for one most of the people you meet are either really fucking stupid, cant spell or spend so much time on it they are classifyed beyond nerds... which means they have no life and probably sit in their dank, dark, smelly room sweating their fat asses off because they cant get a girl friend... hell even i can get a girlfriend and thats sad. Forums are home to some of the most obnoxious morons you will ever meet, they dont stop making fun of helpless victums who they claim to be "noobies" or "noobs" or some useless shit like that... but do they do anything with their lives? no... if you love computers why not start programming, like i did, its not hard... but your probably too fucking lazy to learn. Most people on the net have friends... known as online contacts... which is odd because they have probably never met the person and they might be fat sweaty old fat fags waiting to meet them so they can rape them.... whatever. The thing i hate most about these horible places.. is that you meet people who you want to meet face to face and tear them a new ass... but all you can do is curse and swear behind your computer and only hope that they get offended... im not easly offended... but god damn one person got so much on my nerves i made up and award...

Ahh wargod... what a retarded name. I hate him with all my might... FUCK YOU... yes that will do.. anyways this dumbass decides to make fun of me because i bumped up posts (made older posts new) and it went from their... he made fun of me i made fun of him... but him and his friends on his site seem to have a bond together,,, ahh how cute... not... what a bunch a fags... they talk about buttsekz (yes thats how they pronounce it) and what not... the thing is... these dumbass losers dont have a life so think about it... they most likly have no girlfriend... they probably masturbate to video game characters... and wish that starwars was real.. these people should all be locked in a giant room that fills up with dog shit and suffocates them to death... because anyone who is obsessed with starwars... deserve's a good asswooping. heres the wargod list... why do i hate him:

things why i hate Wargod

  • he is a moron

  • he cant spell

  • hes gay..

  • he's 14

  • he's retarded

  • he doesnt stop posting insults

  • he never leaves his computer (only for math class)

  • he has his own fan club

  • he has signed up to more that 100 forums... sick

  • he cant do anything right

  • his dad raped him

  • he really pisses me off

  • he has my work ip address which he thinks isnt my works

  • he is really annoying

  • i just overall hate him

  • oh and he edits my posts to make of them

    two months after i decided to tell him off on his own personal forum, he still is doing stupid friggen emoticons, or what ever they are called, stupid morons. Reminder to everyone who useses forums too much: You all have no life, and should go and start doing something that isnt gay, like dating, and getting laid, although your probably too ugly to do either of those, solution buy a blow up doll.

    -I dispise forums-

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