i feel sorry for toilets, even though they are inanimate objects, toilets have feelings too, and im pretty sure if they could talk they would say "Hey FAT ASS! get your lazy fat hairy ass off my face, and ... oh shit... no, oh god for the love of... uhhhgggg *splurt* *splrt* *gag* *cough* *cough* oh my, yuk, get off me you asshole, no not again!!! AHHHHH!" thats probably what toilets would say if they could talk. Toilets probably dont have feelings, but still i feel sorry for the fact they get shit in everyday, almost 365 days a year... sick. Would you like it if some fat ugly balding jackass with sweaty pimples on his ass sat on you and left a log in your lap, then not be able to move and get it off, would you like that... no i bet not (unless your retarded) so do your selfs a favor, and clean the damn toilets after you use them, either than that, DONT GOD DAMN EAT A HIGH FIBER DIET! sicko's, by the way i only use my own home toilet to crap in, and i at leased clean it weekly (not because im a clean freak, because its sick to look in and see skid marks) catch my drift? oh and by the way im not on any drugs when writing this, im just fucking crazy.

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