violence is the best thing that has ever happend to this boring ass world, if it wernt for violence, well the world would be over populated and full of morons, which has happend already so it wouldn't matter to much. Because of violence the world is much happier place to live in, because if you get angry you can beat the shit out of some loser who thinks he is tough, when really he is a weakling on steriods. Violence helps poeple cope with things they cant stand anymore, if someone is annoying you beat the fuck out of him. Violence in video games is also a good way to let out your anger, so why ban games when you can virtually kill someone instead of flip out and do it for real (may i suggest postal 2?). parents piss me off, everyday i hear dumbass kids come into my work and beg their mommys for a video game, when they get it they are very happy but the next day are probably wanting to kick mommy up the ass for returning it because the game is to fucking violent, who cares, i mean i hate kids because they dont shut up and smell funny, but still give the kid a chance to violently beat the fuck outta some poor dumb son of a bitch, lady go blow a goat. The other thing about violence is that people are afraid of it, violence can be funny, like this one time this asshole was riding his bike and got hit by a car, normally i would not laugh at someone getting severly hurt, but he went flying like 10 meters!!! it was funny as shit!! his arms flaild around like a bird and hit the ground a skidded like another 10 or so meters!!! it was great, and afterward, he dicided to try and get back up but found out his leg was broken, what a dumb twit. Violence can also be weird, if you see someone fly like 50 feet in the air when no building is around, ill be laughing so hard, VIOLENCE IS FUNNY, even if it happens to you. im probably going to get a lot of hate mail from this... but ya you all suck anyways. hey as i type this there is a riot on tv, fun.

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