yes thats right TRY WASHING. Im sick and tired of all these smelly jerk ass teenagers that think they can cover up their stink with some cheap ass Cologne, and then they act like they own everything around them, im sick of these fucking phrases like "whats up dawg!" or "sit down cracker" or anything relateing to this new extreme generation, FUCK YOU CALL YOUR SELVES EXTREME!!! HA HA HA! extreme means doing something that no one else would do, so i guess skateboarding, and bmxing isnt extreme anymore, because everyone does it, poorly, i cant believe how these little fucks have ruined everything. I remember when skateboarding was looked down upon, it was cool then, hell i did it in elementary school and high school, i still do it today, but it pisses me off when people look at me and think i do drugs just because i skate. All these stupid teenagers have made every sport look bad, skateboarding is one of them because every skater does drugs (well except me), and football, god do i hate football, it is now associated with huge guys who take steriods and their slutty ass cheerleading girlfriends, luckly the high school football team didnt have a cheerleading team, thats mostly because our teams sucked ass and the school daily news showed them lose all the time, why, who knows mabye they are retarded. back to my main point, most sports are associated with smelly teenagers that are all that, fucking wankers, TAKE A BATH!

-i think you all smell, and should die-

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