kamala the dumbass elephant

would you buy this for 2000 dollars?

the picture above looks like someone ate a bunch of colorful foods and shat on the paper, the result is a waste of trees, which goes back to hippies and we all know that i hate hippies with a passion, god damn tree huggers, now they can complain, because you know a painting elephant is destroying the earth... oh dear, who gives two flying fucks, no me!!!! fucking elephants act like they own the world!

WOW!! look a elephant that can paint like a retarded kid in kindergarden!, why the fuck would you pay 2000 bucks for a fucking painting that resembles the ass of a 300 year old hippie! tell me why! This stupid elephant in the calgary zoo apearently has the talent to paint stupid pictures, well who-fucking-cares! not me, its a waste of fucking time, and its so retarded that the elephant gets more attention than the pope! well guess what, i can type a report up, can you, no because your a stupid elephant, and all you can do is randomly move a brush around on the paper, stupid elephant, i hope it dies and falls over on its trainer. Apearently it keeps picking the flames to win, which is retarded because everyone knows that elephants are stupid and have no feelings, ya thats right ANIMALS ARE RETARDED! why do they keep getting shot at in the wild, or eaten, hell if we killed elephants the fucking things could feed all of africa, jeese im not suprised if they already do that! Stupid people, stupid elephant loving people, what do elephants do in the wild, nothing, but eat and piss... WOW look an elephant, big deal, there to big, they smell and shit and piss like crazy, hell you could make a house out of one of their piles of shit, why dont the stupid Enviromental activists make their houses out of elephant shit! then they could be at one with nature! but no their to lazy to do anything, stupid hippies... i hope elephants die...

-people wish i would die because im useless-

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