People have caught the stupid disease

has the whole world caught the stupid disease, no... yes, retards jeese... when the bus stops, and someone is trying to get off, and tells you to move your ass, then do so, and dont stand in my fucking way, stupid morons. The whole world is going stupid, retards are running free, when they should be locked up. jeese the percentage of kids skipping school this year is almost 50% of the whole school! that is completely retarded, jeese even the smart kids skip... not me though, and what do i get, NOTHING, absofuckinglootly nothing, because of a few sick days where i couldnt even get out of bed, and what!! i dont have a good enough attendance, i must say i have the best attendance in the school, besides one of my friends, who has never missed a day, what does he get! NOTHING!! its stupid, we should be rewarded. I know that in total throughout high school (3 years) my absences have only been like 12 days in total, thats really good considereing that most people in those 3 years have missed over 300 days! thats almost a year, yes my school had the stupid disease, and i dont know if it still has it, i might want to visit soon.

if you have this disease please dont email me because you are stupid, and dont deserve to email me because your gay.

-people are stupid-

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