fuckin companys

the new logo! it suits them better.

most corperately owned company, like mc donalds or future shop just love to rip you off, whether it be ripping you off by selling you shitty food, or selling you a peice of outdated shit computer. Well i say its about time this shit stops. I went shopping for more RAM (random access memory for those who are computer-illiterate)and no place had an extra 128, but they did have 256... purposly they did not stock extra 128 mb ram, because they want you to pay extra and get less. The type of ram i was going to buy was reletivly cheap, about 30-40 bucks canadian, but it seemed odd that i had to go on the net to figure that out, yes they would not tell me the price of 128 mb ram, fucking wankers, so im stuck with 256 mb ram, but im not complaining, good price for 80... consibering two 128 would cost the same. Still the fact is, it sucks trying to upgrade your computer, especially when the ass hole behind the counter doesnt speak english very well, and cant understand the fucking difference between DDR and the other shitty kinds of ram, which leaves me at the point... DONT FUCKING SHOP AT FUTURE SHOP, their prices are horrible, not only did they rip me off like little assholes they are, i could have gotten 128 mb of ram, for about 20 bucks, surprisingly at a small computer repair shop downtown, which would have been better. Stupid people.

Greedy food companys piss me off as well, i used to work at a pizza joint back when i was 16, and it sucked ass. No one washed their hands, or wore gloves, store policy, and the friggen room behind the front was never clean, they used to use ingridents that were dropped on the filthy floor, and the manager smelled funny, stupid fucks. Dont eat at pizza places... or mc donalds, they over price and the food sucks shit... i cant believe people digest that filth, you dont want to know what is in their food.

-fat people enjoy mc donalds!. boycot future shop!!!-

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