why take anger management, this site helps me get rid of my anger, fucking everything pisses me off these days, EVERYTHING... yes includeing whales, fat people, nerds, retards and slutty girls who try to get laid everyday, stupid people. Be proud and let your anger out, i hate when people are too chicken shit to yell at their boss, i mean, when my boss pisses me off and tells me to do something that isnt my job, i tell him off, its legally his job, and plus he is doing illegal things, and he knows that i know he does illegal things (doesnt pay people under 18 the required amount of money, or doesnt pay for three hours when someone works 2, which is illegal) i could easly get him shut down, but i need the money. Stupid people come into my store and piss me off, god damn it, come in 10 MINUTES! thats 10 MINUTES before i close, not just as im closing... stupid morons! go fuck your self.. i really wish people would go to hell and die. When you are driving, and im trying to cross the road (stupid taxes i cant afford a car) please wait till im out of your way before you start driving, dumbass almost hit me yesterday.. fucking retards. I HATE MOST PEOPLE, and thats final, so if you are offended.. well FUCK YOU...

-im very angery at you-

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