What is your definition of a prep, i think its a dumbass who wears tight clothes that are bought already faded, and hang around with a bunch of other dumbasses that dress like them, cant forget the whores that hang around with them. They are the people who think they know everything and act like they are the "SHIT" and own everything around them. Well fuckhead, you are wrong, no-one owns anything, and you my friend are a fucking dumbass. They spend their time making fun of people like me, mainly people who are different from them who have less friends, most "different people" like me have many problems, but they can acually deal with them and not get fucked around. Not only that be I believe that they are always wrong, if they think that they are always right why do the constintly skip class and go on a smoke break, to be a know it all, you must acually know things, unfortunitly, these moronic dumbass pile's of shit dont know anything. Yes they may have lots of money because mommy and daddy decided to give them 300 dollar alowences and pay for their car, but a dumbass loser is still a loser, oh by the way save your self and get a decent job, ill see you bagging my fucking groceries when im older... HAVE FUN!

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