i was driving by a church today and i saw the most retarded thing ever on a church sign "GO FLAMES GO" although i hope they do win, the church is promoting violence... GOOD JOB DIP SHIT!!! way to let your religion down the drain, they probably think that it would attract people, but all it god damn does is make there selfs look like morons. violence is fun, but when a religion that says its bad trys to promote it, it becomes a little retarded. I would also like to point out that this particlar church trys to promote it self by useing qoutes from various movies like the lord of the rings, and by saying "give jesus a chance" sorry i already gave him a chance, and he fucked it up. Please think before you write shit like that.

also remember that hockey and most of the movies they use to get your attention have some violence in it. It is just some cheap way to get people into their religion, not only that, to advertise something like that, they acually have to pay rolities to the company, but they change the advertiseing a little so they dont have to! what morons!

-i am a proud moron-

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