I have the god damn freedom of speech, thats one reason why i started this site, one other reason is to annoy and entertain people with my ranting. Freedom of speech is great, i can say anything, on the net or even off the net! i can tell someone to fuck himself, and he cant do a thing about, he could try to kick my ass but i could say he violated my freedom of speech! ha i love this country (if you havnt guessed its canada) but i still feel that it is being violated. I feel that in school, or at work or where ever you are, you are always told not to swear, FUCK THAT! they arent going to stop ever, swearing is becomeing more and more used everyday, i swear every day many times and no one seems to care, i say they teach swearing in school, because its fun. all i have to say is i have the freedom of speech.... SO FUCK YOU!

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