technoligy is no fun anymore it ruined everything, i used to roam free in the woods and frollic around in the nude... well thats how it would have been before you morons decided to invent stupid things that we now depend on. You morons probably dont even know how to make a fire without a lighter or match, or the lovely gas can. Technoligy and inventions have ruin all our lives, we depend on computers and microwaves and shit to make our dinner, why not get off your lazy ass and make your food from scratch. OK so i take advantage of technoligy as well... thats because we depend on it, without it we are nothing! i mean take a look at your next school project, is it on the computer, did you use spell check?, are you a retard, yes! you people disgust me, even i disgust myself. I cant live without a computer because i suck at writing on paper, and without games i would go crazy and kill something. Technoligy is going to be the end of all morons, (woohoo!) computers, games, toys, guitars everything you see was invented or made with technoligy. Technoligy is for the lazy, which i happen to be, everyone is lazy, if i didnt have a till at work, i would have to calculate everything on a calculator, but if i didnt have that i would be screwed because i suck at math (and to think i can progam games, ha!) see we depend on things like that, screw technoligy we should burn everything and live naked in forests, then i could invent everything, just think how cool it would be to restart the world over again, have no laws, and start doing your own shit, i would be famous, then kill all you morons,!!!! hahahaha!!! anyways thats my rant for today. -i used a computer to make this site... im lazy-

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