Every where you go there are lineups, god damn line ups.. weather your at the grocerie store, or the movie theater, stupid lineups full of old smelly people and parents with their annoying, smelly, whiney kids, i hate lineups... i hate them because they are a waste of time, i know theres nothing you can do about it but suffer, but that still doesnt mean i cant complain. Lineups are useless because when your in a hurry some old person is trying to count his/her money and talking the head off the cashier, moron! move outta my way i dont care if you have a story to tell to a underage worker! I hate lineups so i have decided to make a list of all the morons that are always in a lineup!

The old person (normally a granny): the most annoying out of anyone in a lineup they are slow, they smell and holy shit do they take forever to count there money, and when they are done counting their money from their little change bag they just have to have a 5 minute converstation with the cashier!!! go to hell you old bat... and get moving.

The annoying kids!: Kids are the most nosey buggers in the line, they will ask you what you are buying and annoy you till you tell them to go away, and then their parents decide to tell you to "be nice" im sorry im a moron lady but your kids deserve a smack across the face, this world is full of too many pussies that never get smacked... a little disipline would turn the buggers into strong kids who bully the weak.

The "empolyee": i hate employees they piss me off, they buy something just to talk to the cashier if its a girl, i find it very rude.

TEENAGERS: ok so i used to be a teenager about a year ago, but i wasnt like this, they are such morons these days they act like they own everything, they cut the line, tell you to screw your self, and then talk to their group of gay friends about stupid things, look you moronic peices of shit i dont want to know who or what you banged last night, and i most definitly dont care that you own a car and can run me over, well buddy i own a gun and i can shoot you... well i wish at leased... bastards!!!

this is about it in the lineup everyone else is probably the same as me, hating the lineups... fuck line ups they suck. If their were less lineups there would be less problems and i wouldn't be late anymore.

-your still morons-

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