my neighbors are stupid fuckups, well the ones across the street anyways. Not only do they always call the police on me because i have my music on too loud at 1:00 in the afternoon, they also get very annoyed when i shine my laser pointer on there house, morons. They dont seem to like me, i can tell even in their stupid language, every time im outside, these fucks pull their children inside because im apearintly too loud and annoying (thats new). I really dont care about the fact they hate me, i just know when they are talking about me in their language, mainly becaus ethey look right at me and point at me and shit. Basicly i just hate my fucking neighbors, they are annoying stupid, foriegn and retarded.

join now and receive your free annoying neighbor kit, equipt with loud sterio, a bunch of fireworks, fake pot to store in their car gas tank, and for those last resort annoyingness, A fully loaded 25 Cal high powered hunting rifle, use it at your own risk... dont let your neighbors like you, start by makeing enimies first...

if they ask you to borrow sugar, tell you wife to grab the gun.

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