Trees are the most retarded thing ever created, sure they give oxygen, trees are a waste of space, mainly because they are related to hippies, and hippies smell bad and eat wierd things. I hate trees for the upmost reason, they are big, the bark is brown, and they are always in your way. Not only are they always in your way, but everywhere you look, TREES!!!! you fucking bastards, i swear they can talk, or mabye thats just my crazy brain talking. remember without trees we could make the world a lot bigger, which in total would mean more morons, but with less oxygen would mean less morons, which would mean more of me... which would also mean less hate mail and dumbass losers on the internet (i how ever am not one of them) heres my campain poster:

do trees have feelings, no they dont unlike toilets which do have feelings, if you cry over a tree being cut down your a pussy, as the dumbass in fig 1a is doing... being a pussy

trees were ment for fire wood, fuel for fires, napkins, toilet paper, money and if its a latex tree condoms, what do all these product have in common we use them without even thinking about them, when hippies make fires, they use paper or some tree material to make the fire, there fore commiting the same damn act everyone else makes, so in turn:

i have proved my point, and the next time you make a fire, use as much friggen fire wood, or hippie based kindling you need... later

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