what you people find fun, isn't fun anymore, you people make me sick, i hate you all with your nice cars and your shitty R&B hip hop shit... get a fucking life morons, you know the girls only want you because your the "IN" crowd, well you know what... i happen to be in the "out" crowd so fuck you... im different that means im better than all of you twats. I can do things you cant, like stay hidden because you all are stupid. If i really wanted to blend in i would, but because i hate everyone i wont blend in... hell ill show that i hate you all. I FUCKING HATE YOU ALL. There that was proof. Stupid morons, i hate the clothes they wear as well, god damn "wiggers" get a life you moronic peices of cunt. go get a job and stop bumming money off me, and your god damn parents. Please stop the fucking language as well, i am most certainly not your "dawg" because if i was i would have four legs and more hair. i am also not your "nigger" and please dont call your white friends that... as well as other people that arnt wiggers "crackers" i am not a cracker, crackers are crunchy after meal snacks you eat if your still hungary. Once i tell you to fuck off... do as i say, because i dont want to be seen hanging around with you. If i get called a cracker once more, i swear im going to turn these fucks into crackers. Im sick and tired of this shit.. NOW FUCK OFF YOU MORON.

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