Well I most likely hate you... probably because your a dumbass for coming to my site in the first place. I may hate you for many reasons, perhaps its your smell, or your attitude towards my on going ranting about how i hate you, or mabye its because you hate me, well let me tell you. There are way to many assholes in this world to begin with, if you meet one or more of the criteria below... i most likly hate you.

  • You smell funny, mostly the equalivant of shit, or worse, or if you have the pungint order of BO, for god sake put some fucking deodorant on you morons!!!!

  • You stare at me because im different. Yes im different, but that mostly means im better than you because the world revolves around me.

  • because your annoying. If you cant keep your pie hole shut, then prepare to get your teeth knocked out.

  • if your whiny, bitchy or cant shut your mouth, your probably most likly a skank or just some guy who has a hormone problem

  • if you dont understand me. all you have to under stand is that i hate you!

  • if you think your a know it all. I think your dumb.. so just shut up and let me do the talking

  • anything relateing to being a dickhead, dumbass, prep, jock, and if you make more money than me.

  • if you think your better than me... because your not.

  • if you can understand how to not shut the fuck up...

    thats about it... so if i hate you dont feel bad, i most likly wont tell you.

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