Please Eat The Animals (PETA)

Peta stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which is weird because most people in the world eat animals that are cruley treated... WHO CARES!!! animals are ment to be eatin, with out people eating animals most kids, and adults would be pussys! eating meat puts muscle on your bones, not whineing about the treatment of them. quote from there site "PETA operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment." SIMPLE PRINCIPLE, ha!!! animals are ment to be eaten, the simple fact that they BREED, its easy to see why most of these people are dumbasses... lets look at more stupidty from them... quote #2 "Twenty years later, we convinced fast-food giant Burger King to improve conditions for millions of animals on factory farms." 20 fucking years later eh! 20 years to convince someone to stop treating animals badly, as if SLAUGHTERING THEM ISNT BAD ENOUGH You morons! how the fuck can you nicely kill an animal! calm it down and nicely talk to it, no you morons!. quote #3 "PETA’s greatest achievements are the result of 80 percent generous donation,10 percent creative innovation, 8 percent perspiration, and 2 percent Tofutti ice cream! We work hard to develop strategies that ensure the best possible outcome for animals from our precious resources." greatist achive ment ya, gaining money for your selves you selfish peices of shit, and what the hell 8 percent perspiration? are you guys retarded! what the hell are you even talking about ice cream for, ice cream is made from cows milk you stupid morons! which comes from an animal therefore breaking your point of your stupid association! god damn dumbass non meat eaters... fuck you and your stupid ways... hahaha,, i rest my case stupid animal activists!

-fuck animal rights-
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