i encourage hate mail, thats right not only do i encourage hate, but i also want you (thats all of you) morons to hate mail me, because i want to prove you all wrong, i am not some dumb piece of shit moron who sits on his ass all day, this site is made on my spare time, i will only update it a few times a week, either than that hate mail me away, the email is ihateyou666_666@hotmail.com


I have the right to edit all message so they are readable, i also have the right to either prove you wrong or make you look like a dumbass, please note, once you send me hate mail, i own you, and have the right to make you kiss my ass and plead for mercy... if you do happen to send me hate mail and it is retarded, you will get made fun of so bad, you wont want to show your face on my site again!

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