Top 10 morons of 2004

Moron #1

George W. Bush

well obviously this is the top moron of 2004, when it comes to being an ignorant prick, he wins. From the war in iraq (which was about oil and money) to winning two elections, which shows how stupid some americans are to vote for the same problem again.

Moron #2

Ashley simpson

I hate her music, ah hell i hate her period, whether its the lip syncing that she so obviously does (anyone watch the tonight show with jay leno)

Moron #3

Paris Hilton

one word, whore... yup that pretty much explains why i hate her.

Moron #4


Yup, i hate jesus, mainly because he's not real, and because it deals with religion.

Moron #5


yup, the little prick who has his own gay site about, stupid things, and types his stupid things like this "h3y, wh@ts up l44t, im so c33l" what ever that means.

Moron #6

50 cent

i hate rap, i hate r&b, i hate rappers... and i hate people who pick up a copy of 50 cent, and automaticly think they are rappers, or black.

Moron #7


contriversial, yes, but so are dimmu borgirs songs (if you know norwegian then you should know how explict there (early) lyrics are. also, white, and a white rapper should be a dead rapper (even though i hate rap, at leased black people can rap).

Moron #8

Micheal Jackson

he likes kids, i dont, you get the picture, plus, he does things with kids that are gross, and well... very odd. Plus he looks like a women-man.

Moron #9

Snoop Dogg

for shizzle my nizzle, fuck, make up some words, get a record deal, sorry but i prefer words i can understand plus, he thinks he's "pimp", so you have HIV?.

Moron #10


i saw there cd in the metal section, ya, thats why he's here, fucking rap isn't metal.. and never should be.

Well thats it, it was a hard decision since there are a lot of idiots out there, but this is what i decided, and if you dont agree, well, fuck you.