The recent internet stupidity has grown to an all time high, with this stupid "HACKER" language, in which i dont know what its called but its something like "50 53XC1 :drool1:" what ever that means, its stupid, retarded and NOT, you here me you fucking losers NOT a god damn REAL language, its childish, and you arnt hackers so fuck off you ignorent 12 year old little shits (this is why i hate kids).

heres to those who think they are tough because they make fun of others through forums (... dont i make fun of people through my site? ahh who cares, at leased im always RIGHT)


Twats, cunts, pussys, morons, thats what they all are, and a rencent site i found shows how stupid people are

WARGOD yes wargod has his own gay little site, with his own gay little twat friends.

Lets look at some of the stupidity on there site.


Hello All. So.... Hello.... My name is Owen. Im a twat. I used to know Wargod on an other forum. errm.. Hello, bugger said that already. Hows you all doing? : What a twat is right, first of all he used his real name (i know because i go so far as to figure this out, and yes i dont have a life) second he is an idiot for joining the site in a first place.


Death's Bitch -- A.K.A T3h 4dmin::posters saying

I can't chug bawls.

But I can chug Vex/Semen.::posters message


Insert Penis Into Badger::posters saying

gay::posters message


No. Homoeroctic. ::posters saying

See, see what these little shits are saying to each other, there having GAY fantisies about each other, what guy, in there mind would do that who claims to "not be gay", conclusion, these morons are faggots... and they love there buttsekz (thats how they type it). So, in spite of this crappy site, that i hate and wish it would burn, i start this part of the page as a anti-wargod petition. email me with your support at, no spam or else.

-number of people currently who hate wargod:343:-

updated december 29 2004