MTV creates a new wave of shit

because of mtv we have all these retarded pot smokeing, beer drinking teenagers running around thinking they are the "shit", they think they are above all other human beings because they listen to songs with 3 cords put into there music, yes im talking about the "new wave" or new generation. Fuck the new generation of people, they can hardly act their friggen age, "oh look at me im cool, i break bottles in front of on coming cars, i must be EXTREME~!!!", no your just a retarded crook who should be shot in the back of the head. Recently it has gotten worse, with all these punk-pop bands that think they are hardcore, no your not hardcore, your a fucking corperate clone who can only play 3 cords, sing in a whiney voice and only write songs about break ups... drop the shit already mtv, your not going to take over the world with your bullshit. They have even went as far to put such "extreme" shows such as jackass, and CKY, oh wow, look at what their doing, being retards, and immature idiots, im suprised that they could even put that crap on tv, it made even me think "holy shit, those guys are fucking retards." Now of course, its not quite the shows and music that have made this stupid new generation, its the kids... they see someone doing something and then they have to follow, you know why, because people are fucking stupid... instead of following your stupid trends, or this new "be yourself" bullshit, take out your daddys hunting rifle, put it to your mouth and pull the trigger because your all nothing but a bunch of fucking trend followers... your not being your self.

as my homeland would say

-U neukend ondankbaren-

(by the way thats dutch if your to retarded to know.)