i havnt done an article in a long time, jeese iv missed alot. The ocasional suicide bombing, micheal jackson's "bad" back, and whats this? George Bush is still being a friggen idiot.

it seems aparent were creating our own problems. Wars over religion and wars over oil, so who is to blame? who do we as humans point the finger at. Personaly id blame everything on George Bush, but thats just half the problem. I blame religious bastards... yes thats right those "bastards" are the other half of the problem. people are killing theirselves over their own gods. What a way to die! ya lets blow ourselves up because we worship a god that never exsisted. This is really starting to piss me off, for mainly two reasons, one i hate religion, its the most bullshit thing since fiber... and secondly what is the point of killing your self for your "god" in my opionion were all doomed to hell to begin with. You see its simple, we all friggen sin, we all do day to day bad things... as for blowing your self up? thats just a big fucking ticket to hell to begin with. now of course im a sick individual... i dont like the U.S. and i believe that they deserve getting blown up (more or less just Bush).

How come all the good presidents get assainated? J.F.K. wasnt a bad president? same with Abe lincoln, so why hasnt anyone shot bush yet? its a simple explaination, we are just to damn scared of him, were afraid that he has so kind of plan going on in the back of his mind. If he dies, then he's going to take us with him. friggen facists....

So its been said, we will see the end of the human exsistance in a few years, that is unless bush is put out of power. I probably going to hell for this one, and mabye a few visits from the F.B.I., relax, im not a terrorist... terrorists are stupid.