eminem the next "hendrix", what next, mettalica doing rap?

Two things that dont quite go together, rock and rap, dont get the two mixed up... According to Elton John, eminem is the next "Hendrix", sorry, but to be the next "hendrix" you first have to be able to play guitar, and acually sing. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the rapper is listed in the magazine's second "Immortals" edition, i dont get that... why in rolling stone magazine, is it the end of good music? is mettalica going to start rapping about napster? are country bands going to start doing metal? what the hell is going on with the music industry!!!!

of course if you want to be on the radio, you gotta follow whats "hip" and "cool" these days, i dont like the radio's values.. the rock station in my city used to play old classic rock, and now its ruined because of this new fucking generation... god damn kids look what they have done to our music. -i hate kids...i hate popular music