File sharing, and the wonders of internet theft

I have always wondered why musucians and movie companies always complain about the amount of makeing, they make more than i do in a 4 year period of time... If i could make 1/2 a million dollars in a month i would be happy, and wouldn't give a shit if some pubecent little shit was downloading my cd off napster, or kazza, or any of the other programs out there created for stealing music. In fact, i find it usefull, you see most people are too poor to constintly buy cds every week, so they resort to downloading it untill they can afford so. But most people dont even know that most file sharing software/sites are going to be shut down, according a new law (i dont know what it is) "internet" police will be able to legally track down these "theifs" and these "theifs" would be charged with internet crimes... fuck that... its stupid, first of all im a fucking musician (though i make little money from it) and i wouldn't give a shit if someone downloaded my music, because im not in the music industry to make money, im in it to play music, and have fun doing so, even if this means driving across canada to play house parties. Most musicians are mostly stuck up and want more money, sure there are some musicians that are considered rich, but they dont flaunt their money around like retards... they save it. Of course the other main reason people download music is because it cost too fucking much.

My message to the music industry

every fucking stupid pop artist can go to hell, why, because they complain about being rich and powerful (well not the second one) and they cant sing, the funny thing is, most of us "real" people dont even make half of what these artists make in our whole lifetime that they make in a whole year... so stop making such a big fucking deal out of downloading music, so what if it means you cant buy your gold toilet.... be like the rest of us and get a friggen real job.

Again, im considered a musician, and i dont give a shit about who downloads my music (seeing as you cant do that anyway... were considered "underground"") and i dont support any law that makes people richer than me.


Well it seems that there starting to really crack down on individuals that "pirate" music, and id like to add a note to any stupid government official that feels like trying to pin these "internet crimes" on me....

I dont download music, i never will, and i did not mention that i download music in this article, im just suggesting that its not all that bad.

-go ahead download music, a musician told you to... its ok-