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        Rules of Engagement
    Simply put, Rules of Engagement are the laws placed on role-players to ensure fun and fairness for all that are engaged in combat or who are pulled into combat.  
    A few simple rules to remember for actual player vs player combat (pvp) to initiate agreeingly and to go accordingly with fairness.

   1)  Respect the fellow Roleplayer.  Grant it, your character and anothers might not be on the same level or quite possibly arch enemies, but that does not mean the  players hate each other.

    2)  Do not Loot, ever!  Confirmed looting will be cause for removal from the guild. The only time this does not apply is if a body of a fallen enemy has turned to bones, If the body turns to bones you are required to collect the fallen players belongongs, to preclude loss. These belongings must be turned over to your GM, or ranking  member for return to the other guild's GM.

     3)  Conversation must be entered and an roleplayed reason for combat must be shown by the agressor.  This rule does not apply during roleplayed times of war between two guilds or when an assassin does a hit, but the assassin must get out of character word to the player immediately following the encounter, no matter win
or lose.

The Cease rule

    The Cease run simply means a player at anytime during combat may say the word cease to stop the combat immediately.  This should not be used as a means to escape death, but only if outside interference directly effects the battle, example, Looters, griefers, player killers in the area, and so on.  This should however be roleplayed in a sentence, hence, "Cease this nonsense for thy moment".  Although using it in a sentence is not required, it is helpful to keep the roleplayed atmosphere and players should pay close attention for when another player might use this word.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions

Weapons:   All Grandmaster  and up are allowed.
                      Magic weapons  are allowed. You should only carry what you can                       afford to  loose.
                      DP  Poisoned weapons of any level are allowed.
Armor: Simply put, there is no restriction to armor usage.  After all, if you feel the need  to  lose a full Valorite  go right head.  Replacement of your armour, is your  responsibility.

Roleplaying Death and Injury

Not much has changed to this one except a more clearer way to roleplaying losing the battle and the use of Ultima Mechanics are in effect now. Ok, so they got you.. Our guild will not tollerate any whining or ooc behavior.
If one falls during roleplayed combat, there is a certain way to go about it and conduct yourself.  Once you have fallen,  you are considered wounded.  Go get ressurected by any means.  Remaim in your death robe on and go loot your body.  You have 30 minutes to wait until you can take your death robe off.  During this time you are considered alive but have been seriously wounded and can barely hold yourself up let alone fight again  This means that you CAN NOT fight but in return, nobody should attack you.  The player may talk and interact with others but will avoid the event in which they died in.  Players are advised to use emotes such as but not limited to *spits blood* or *coughs uncontrollable*. After the 30 minutes are up, take your death robe off and you will be considered fully healed.  You cannot direct  other guild members  openly as to enimy whereabouts ( in party is another matter) when in this condition, like he is over here, etc. You are out of the battle!  You may leave the battle and do what ever you wish.

Now, there is a few things that change this pattern.  After the 30 minutes is up, the player is allowed to join in battles and fights again, but they MAY NOT reenter into the same event in which they died in.  This is merely out of respect for those that are still alive and fight on to win this battle.  This could be large seiges, guild wars, etc.

To help clearify if the event you died in is still going on, the newly healed player should contact their Guildmaster/mistress and find out the information to ensure the best results and fairness.

One more thing, it is required that corspes of fallen players should be guarded by those that slayed the player.  This is out of mere respect for the fallen and their items. We require that you assist the fallen player to locate his corpse, and mount, if you are not in danger or in combat with the other guild mates.

Now, last but not least.  Do unto others that you would have done to you.  Winning is not everything.  Give your fellow roleplayer the respect they deserve and they should return it.  The most important rule during any style of roleplaying:  a lot of whining by the fallen char will not be tollerated. We expect you to remain in charachter.   Have fun .

Guild Rules & Restrictions
                 No beatles or lamas may be used by members, as mounts. Horses,and
horses are preferred.

                Any article of clothing, large enough to be seen (by others), must
                be dyed  to the guild colors (blue and white). The dye tub is at the
              All combat must be initiated by conversing with the enimy. The
              enimy must
respond to this , to assure you are not attacking a
away from keyboard, or asleep. No "Kill on sight"(Kos) unless
              ordered by ranking member.