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             This site is new as well as this squad. So please feel free to leave any comments in the forums about this site.  Gen.1941=xBs= ( me ) has 56k and can not host a server, but I know that War In Iraq lets new squads recruit in there, so for the mean time that is where I will be recruiting. If you are interested in joining =xBs= then please post in the join part of the forums, it would be nice if you had cable DSL or T1 so you could host. Also all recruits must have 1. Roger Wilco 2.  ICQ 3. DF2 Favorites ( used for the cheater blocker ) all these program are free and if you need any help trying to find them or set them up feel free to ask. At this time we will not be accepting any challenges right now do to a lack of player thank for your time Gen.1941 out.



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