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August 28, 1928

Run Away To

NEW YORK - The industrial heart of the United States was overrun today by the venerable Confederate States Zeppelin Force.  New Yorkers headed to work at 7:05 AM looked up to see dozens of airships, led by the George Washington, entering New York airspace.  The city's lack of anti-airship defenses proved instrumental, and the tallest high-rises were quickly landed and taken control of by the Confederate Marines.  Though Federal troops were able to counter the invasion by entering the City via its bridges and ships docked in the Navy Yard, the Confederates held the high ground, and what  troops could not do could be done by the firepower of the orbiting zeppelins.  When infantry power was countered, the airships began massive bombardments that devastated the Union troops defending themselves.  Even with destroyers and ironclads along the coast and river bombarding the Confederates positions, their advance is unstoppable.  Even now, the dividing line between North and South lies along Canal Street, as the Confederates, now consolidating their power on the island's southern tip, being moving north.  There are Southern pockets isolated along Columbia, Grand and  Houston; if they hold out long enough, the main army can link up and use their positions to break the Union line now struggling to hold together.