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"Twisted Roots of Evil"
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Susan's Lecture Series, Vol. 1
VHS Tape - 1 hour 45 minutes running time
Red Oak Baptist Lecture
$24.95 each VHS Video Cassette Tape
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Susan's Lecture Series, Vol. 1
Cassette Tape - Two tape set
Red Oak Baptist Lecture
$12.50 Set of two tapes (120 minutes total)
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Susan's Lecture Series, Vol. 2
VHS Tape - 1 hour 30 minutes running time
Eric Shelman/Susan Kesegich
Florida Guardian Ad Litem Conference
$24.95 each VHS Video Cassette Tape
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The Documentary"
$24.95 each VHS Video Cassette Tape
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101 Ways To Protect Your Children From Child Molesters
By: Susan Kesegich
$4.00 each booklet
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bulletTwisted Roots of Evil
bulletTwisted Roots; The Documentary on VHS Tape
bullet101 Ways to Protect Your Children From Child Molesters
bulletSusan's Lecture Series, Vol. 2 on VHS Tape
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Twist of Fate Publishing Company and Amazon.Com has teamed up to offer you some of the finest material for survivors.

I am now proud to offer the following books "IN ASSOCIATION WITH AMAZON. COM"

If You Only Knew
By John M. Seryak
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"Dear Teacher" is a collection of heart wrenching letters from abuse victims to their past teachers. I found it to be informative and vital information for everyone concerned about child abuse. This book should also be a "must read" for any one who works with children.

Out Of The Darkness
The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson
By Eric Shelman and Dr. Stephen Lazoritz
BUY NOW at Amazon.Com

"Out Of The Darkness: The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson" is a history lesson into the first documented case of child abuse. Mary Ellen was nine years old, living in New York City in 1874 when she was rescued by two determined people. Eha Wheeler, a social worker who served victims of poverty in the Hell’s Kitchen tenements, and Henry Bergh, the kindly founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals came to her rescue. Reading this book, I realize just how far we have come in social work but also how far we still have to go in protecting our children. Author Eric Shelman has become a good friend of mine and I highly recommend his book.



Black Capes
and Red Bulls
By: D.A. Chadwick
BUY NOW at Amazon.Com

"Black Capes" is author Chadwick's fictional account (based in part on her own life) of Harry (Blue) Dolan. Harry has been through much in his forty-seven years and it has finally begun to take its toll on his mental and emotional stability. When Harry discovers that a murder suspect also has been sexually abusing his daughter, Harry takes matters in his own hands and uses his military experience to teach the pedophiles of America a lesson. Most every person who has ever been abused has some degree of revenge in them and this book allows us to live that out through Harry.

The Gift of Hurt
By: Pam Crabtree
BUY NOW at Amazon.Com

"The Gift of Hurt" is author Pam Crabtree's emotional story of abuse, terror, attempts at healing and ultimately reaching that point in her life where she can look at herself in the mirror. Every time I read another survivors story, I am amazed at the strength and courage we possess. And Pam's well written book and account of her life just confirms that belief.

I also highly recommend the following books. Click on the title to be taken to the page for more information.

bullet"The Courage to Heal" by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
bullet"The Courage to Heal Workbook" by Laura Davis
bullet"One Child" by Torey Hayden
bullet"Little Angels ABC to Heavenly Haircare" by Suzanne Arcure and illustrated by Cori Grier and Rose E. Grier
bullet"Dead and Gone" by Andrew Vachss
bullet"A Child Called It" by Dave Pelzer
bullet"Bastard out of Carolina" a movie about abuse. Order on VHS or DVD.
bullet"Weeping Willow" by Ruth White
bullet"When Rabbit Howls" by Truddi Chase
bullet"Sins of the Father" by Eileen Franklin and William Wright
bullet"The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav


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Only through the voices, vigilance, and actions of decent people can the horror of child abuse be stopped. I will never be able to lock away the memories of what my father did to me and my sisters but I hope that by speaking out and standing tall as a survivor I can help others who have suffered this torture. It is only by speaking out and telling the world "I am not going to remain silent" that others will follow and add their voices. I am lucky, my tormentor is finally behind bars for the rest of his life but it took two entirely different families suffering unspeakable abuse for too many years before that happened. I don't want any child to suffer like I suffered. For that reason I have written "Twisted Roots of Evil" and donate 10% of the purchase price of every book we sell to a children's charity. It also gives me the opportunity to tell the world you can live in hell but come out of it a strong person. I hope and pray it will help you also!

Susan Kesegich


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