bulletAre you a victim of incest and abuse?
bulletDo you work with children or adult survivors of abuse?
bulletHave you wondered if the child living next door is being abused?
bulletDo you want to learn how others got involved to save a family from a monster?

It is now all on this powerful video.

Twisted Roots of Evil and my life story have been made into a documentary by an award winning producer who was based in London, England. Leigh Anne and her production crew filmed in LaGrange and Covington, Georgia. These were the towns where the abuse against my half sister and my family took place. They also filmed outside the prison where my father is being held and in my current hometown of Destin, Florida.

Leigh Anne is graciously allowing us to sell a limited number of copies of the 23 minute "rough cut" version while she works to sell the national broadcast rights. I have shown the documentary to many audiences of professionals who are saying this is a "must have tape" for anyone who works with abused children or with domestic violence victims or any parent who is concerned about abuse.

Twisted Roots, The Documentary talks with the family that helped us escape from my father, the detective who arrested him, the Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted him, my husband Steve who is my rock as well as many others. It shows the house we were living in when we escaped from him and it depicts the horror any child being abused goes through.

I talk openly and candidly about the abuse I endured and the emotions I was feeling at the time. But the documentary also shows how I was able to heal and it gives encouragement to all victims of incest, molestation and abuse. It will give them the hope that they can live a normal life.

If you are a professional or if you work with victims of abuse in any capacity, consider ordering a copy of the documentary to share with survivors. This powerful message is being used by many professionals to show survivors of abuse that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am living proof of that. It gives HOPE to survivors. It gives inspiration to survivors. And it tells survivors they are not alone. If I can do it, any one can!

Also consider ordering a copy as a training aid for your staff. If you are a teacher, counselor, Department of Family and Children's case worker, attorney, a priest or pastor, a policemen, work at a shelter or anyone that comes into contact with victims of incest and abuse, then this tape will help train you to the mental pain as well as the physical pain these children go through. Order a copy for yourself or order a copy for your office.

"Susan's compassionate spirit as well as her concise information is a "Must Have" for every community concerned with and involved with the victims of abuse. I strongly suggest her Book and Video as a training aid."
D. Kelly, Founder of The Community Task Force Against Incest and Molestation

Any victim of child abuse and domestic violence has suffered through unspeakable evil. It is only by working to make sure that cycle of abuse and evil is broken will we be able to reach our full potential. I don't believe I have come close to my potential but by sharing my experience in my book and now the documentary I feel I am giving to those that need help. And by doing that, I am burying the evil wrought by my father.

"Genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum."
~Charles Spencer

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