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TeHpOiNtLeSs's Profile

First name:

AIM screen name:
Yahoo: TeHpOiNtLeSs


Old Enough

United States

You don't need to know that.

Profession or school:

Hobbies (besides games):

Anything Nintendo.

What elements make a game great?
Gameplay is the biggest factor, but story fits in somewhere along the way depending on the type of game. Graphics aren't that big of a deal, though for some games it really helps.

What makes a game suck?
Poor gameplay/level design, bad plot, uninteresting characters.. anything you wouldn't want in a game.

Favorite quote(s):
If it's called a drivethrough... why do we have to stop?

When I come knocking on this door.. you'd better say how high!

Personal quote(s):
Don't have one.

Philosophy of life:
Maybe later.

How long have you been using GameTalk?
Unsure of exact dates, but a long time.

Why did you become a moderator?
Why does anyone become a moderator?

Wants for self:
I'm hungry at the moment so... pizza. Brb.

Wants for the world:
Um.. less war, man. I mean, war.. wow. Ya know.. war. Ya know.. wow. Ok, if you haven't figured it out yet.. it's from South Park the movie.

What kind of bands / music do you like?

What books would your recommend?
LOTR.. all of them.

What other info would you like to add?

None. Maybe I will the day before the day after yesterday.

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