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Task Analysis



User Task Task 1. Open application: Go to the drive letter of your CD Rom and open Project.exe Task 2. View Interface: Take a moment to look over the interface, do not user your mouse at this time. Task 3. Clicking the drop box: Click the drown-down-box and select any field you want to view information on Task 4.Viewing the data: Click on the load run button any time to view the data from the fields. Task 5. Viewing records: Click next record button to view records. Alternate between the next record button, previous record, first record buttons and last record buttons to view records. Task 6. New Search: Click search again button for new search. Task 7.Update Record: Click update record button and try to change a record. Task 8. Delete Record: Click delete record button to try and delete a new record. Task 9. Add Record: Click the add button and try adding a new record. Task 10. Searching for records: Use any of the sort and string buttons at the bottom of the interface to try and locate a record. Remember you can load new data anytime by clicking the search again button, then clicking on the corresponding drop down box and then load data. This concludes this test. Thanks again for evaluating this interface feel free if you like to continuing browsing.