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Todays mystery is tomorrows science



If everything is energy, everything is possible





Name: Christo Karaivanov, DVM, Ph.D.

Address: 2, Tsarevo St., 1225 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 8395281

Mobile: +359 89 8376 600










1988 Ph.D. Degree, Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria Thesis: Studies on Superovulation, Synchronization of Estrus and Pre-implantation Development of Embryos in Water Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis).

1983 Training on cattle embryo transfer in LAigle, France


1977 Graduated in Veterinary Medicine (DVM), High Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Sofia, Bulgaria





1996-present Self employed veterinarian practicing integrative veterinary medicine combining conventional therapy and advanced alternative approaches, such as:


aricebu1 Homeopathy


aricebu1 Electronic homeopathy (production of ANY vibrational remedy with the help of an electronic potentiser)


aricebu1 Bach flowers therapy


aricebu1 Dr. Schuesslers tissue salts (cell salts) therapy


aricebu1 Radionic diagnosis and treatment at distance


aricebu1 NEW: REIKI HEALING PILLS Powerful holistic healing with sugar pills charged with Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki energy).



1980-1996 Research scientist at Animal Embryo Transfer Lab., Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria


1977-1980 Veterinary practitioner





1986 - Participation in a joint Bulgarian-American buffalo embryo transfer experiment, Shoumen, Bulgaria

1988 Participation in a joint Indian-Bulgarian buffalo embryo transfer experiment, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India


2004 - Participation in a joint Egyptian - Bulgarian buffalo embryo transfer experiment, National Research Center, Giza, Egypt





Bulgarian mother tongue

English, Russian good speaking and reading ability





aricebu1 Alternative medicine; Vibrational medicine; Holistic medicine; Energy medicine; Medical Radionics.


aricebu1 Subtle energy /Intrinsic Data Field/Morphogenic Fields/ manipulations.


aricebu1 Designing of intelligent energy/information remedies by thought form.


aricebu1 Esoteric sciences




*      Ancient cultures, civilizations and mysteries


*      Ancient and modern theories of human conscious and spiritual evolution






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