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I do Pendulum Readings. This reading help you in going in the right direction in your life.
I have been doing since 1994. I'm out of Nevada.
My hours are at PST.
Please read below before you call.

Life Questions

Money Questions


Love & Relationships

What is a Pendulum
A Pendulum is a weight suspended on a string. The weight can be made of brass, copper, glass, wood. Almost anything: but the shape is the best when the bottom is pointed. The string can be silk, cotton, metal, gold: any material will do. A pendulum can be store-bought or homemade.
History of the Pendulum
The pendulum has been used for hundreds of years by professionals and lay-people to find hidden treasures diagnose disease and locate missing people. Predating the pendulum, dowsing, or divining rods were employed to discover where water, oil, or minerals existed underground. The words DIVINING or DOWSING are often associated with the pendulum, even though the pendulumís range of use is far extensive.
Who used it
Hebrews. Egyptians, Persians, Etruscans, Druids, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Peruvians, Hindus, and Native Americans
What to Ask
The Pendulum will respond to any question that requires and either/or, yes/no or multiple-choice answer. Your questions have to be phrased in a clear and specific manner. Your nervous system cannot translate an essay question to the pendulum for an answer. Ask what concerns you now.
What not to Ask
Donít use the Pendulum to read the future. The answers you get are based on the circumstances now. Donít ask 2 questions at the same time.
After knowing the background of the Pendulum can help you understand more about the readings I do. Iím here to help you not to judge you. But you have to understand the Pendulum tells the truth. It doesnít tell you want you want to hear.
Let my Pendulum help you in finding your answers.
1 Question for $1.89
2 questions for $2
3 questions for $3
5 questions for $5
10 questions for $10
15 Questions for $15
20 Questions for $20
25 Questions for $25
30 questions for $30
50 Questions for $50

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