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Creating RuneScape Client in Microsoft Visual Basic 6

Tutorial Written by, Nade


A client is very simple to create. Just think of it as a normal web browser showing the java applet. A web browser within a form is positioned so only the applet can be seen.

First you need to build a web-browser control. Right click on the toolbar then left click on components. Select Microsoft Internet Controls (shdocvw.dll) You need position the browser so everything not needed is handing outside the form borders. Make sure you don't forget to take off the scroll bar. It is unpleasant to play when the game jumps around a lot.

Switching servers can be done only in one line of code.

How can you retrieve the link of the server? It is actually very simple. Choose any server on Right click and left click on properties.
You will see (Address URL) beside it will be the link.
For example - Server 54
It depends how you want to have your server switcher setup. For example if you want to do it with a textbox.

webcontrol.navigate "" textserv.text "plugin=0&rand=69221312"

The plugin is the type of Java you are using. 0 is the default java setting on your system.

The rand is a randomly generated number.


How do I launch 2 or more runescape games?

There are two effective ways. One is two launch one applet using default java and one using unsigned java. This creates a lot of lag. Creates very unstable and hard game-play. But the other way is more effective. Runescape creates a uid.dat in the %windir%/.file_store_32 folder (C:\WINDOWS\.file_store_32). It makes a file uid.dat.

All you need to do is kill uid.dat.

Kill (C:\Windows\.file_store_32\uid.dat)

Every time you wish to launch a new client

( )

You need to delete uid.dat

To check for uid.dat simply use this code

If Dir("C:\WINDOWS\.file_store_32\uid.dat") > "C:\WINDOWS\.file_store_32\uid.dat" Then
msgbox "You may launch a new copy of runescape.", vbinformation, "Your Client Name"
Kill ("C:\WINDOWS\.file_store_32\uid.dat")
msgbox "UID.DAT has not been located.", vbinformation, "Your Client Name"
End If

Thank you for reading my tutorial.